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Bread & Joy: The Paths of Plenitude

 Frank is a troubled young man who has difficulty fitting in, always-in constant confrontation with family, friends, school and church. Little by little, he descends into complete isolation, loses faith in God and in himself, and starts to believe that life has no purpose. All this starts to change when a mysterious and unconventional mentor unexpectedly steps in and begins to share with him some invaluable life lessons. However, World War II explodes in England and changes his destiny forever, separating master and disciple. He meets Elizabeth and falls in love, but his romance is also sadly impacted by the war.

Lost in life, Frank goes through some troubled times, finding refuge in countless mugs of beer. To get out of this dead end, he returns to Bread & Joy, the farm where he was born, and discovers that he was never as alone as he thought and learns that in order to make peace with God, with his past, and find true love, some tough decisions are necessary.


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Flowers on the Balcony

If you’ve ever felt like you needed to change the world around you for the better but didn’t know where to start, then you’re not alone.

Marcos H. N. Rossi spent much of his time following predefined rules that didn’t align with his true self. But he transformed his life in a way that helped him change the world for the better.

In this guidebook to success, he shares reflections on how to accomplish personal and professional goals. You’ll find essays on topics such as the power of perseverance, tips on harnessing your passions, and ideas on how to become the leader (or the Maestro) of your own life.

You’ll also discover strategies to align your behavior with your true self, tactics to improve personal relationships, and twenty calls to action to achieve your goals, including avoiding the extremes and seeking balance; doing good deeds and forgiving the ones around you, including yourself.

Join Rossi as he shares how he faced everyday challenges and found a way to win by putting Flowers on the Balcony.


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